Study Abroad: Literature and Culture in the UK


Announcing the London-based Study Abroad Program

Literature and Culture in the UK

Literature and Culture in the UK is the study abroad program sponsored by the University of Arizona English program and open to University of Arizona students from any major who have completed  first-year writing. For 6 weeks during the 2019 Summer I session, students will live in London and meet daily to explore the abundant cultural offerings of the city.

The program offers six ENGL credits in two classes taught by Dr. Steph Brown: ENGL 295A: British Life and Culture: Brand New Ancients and ENGL 310: Studies in Genre: Classical and Contemporary Drama in Performance. Both of these courses will focus on giving students the opportunity to explore London's past as it exists in London today through its architecture, museums, and culture, while  taking advantage of our own location in present-day London to see what forms “newness” takes in music, theatre, literature, the visual arts, the sciences, politics, food, and popular culture. Full descriptions of the courses can be found below.

The deadline for applications is February 25, 2019, and accepted students will take a 1-credit orientation course, ENGL 294, in Spring 2019. If you have questions about the program's curriculum, contact Dr. Brown at For help with the application process or questions about program requirements contact the program's Study Abroad Coordinator, Dafne Johnson at  To learn more or apply, please see the following Study Abroad application page.

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