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  • Faculty Awards and Honors - List of links for Faculty Awards and Honors, Teaching Awards, University Awards for Excellence, SBS Staff Awards, and Honors Distinguished Fellows Program

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New Travel Protocol: 

If your travel plans exceed $500, you must write a brief email with a rough estimate on how much the travel will be to either:

Writing Program: Shelley Rodrigo, rrodrigo@arizona.edu

English Department: Cristina Ramírez, cristinaramirez@arizona.edu 

Leadership will then submit a request to the Dean's Office for final approval. Once you receive approval you MUST submit a Travel Authorization Form and send any expenditures to the SBS-English Business Team sbs-englishbiz@arizona.edu.

Travel Forms

  1. Before you submit any travel forms, please review the samples provided as they relate to you: 
  2. Once you review the form sample, please visit the Travel Authorization page to fill out your travel form. Please note you will need to download a new Travel Authorization for each travel. Each travel needs its own unique T#. Once completed, English faculty submit forms to Cristina Ramírez as Dept Head/P.I. and either Reilly Rodriguez or Izzy Madril as Fund Approver via Adobe Sign. Writing Program faculty submit their form to Shelley Rodrigo as Dept Head/P.I and Reilly Rodriguez or Izzy Madril as the Fund Approver via Adobe Sign..

International Travel Please complete the registry in addition to the Travel Authorization form if you are traveling internationally. The registry number should be included on the Travel Authorization in the designated field.

English Department Reimbursement Policy and Instructions – Information regarding the travel reimbursement process.
Frequently Asked Questions – UA Travel Policy



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  • Research Gateway - Links and information regarding funding opportunities, Global Initiatives, and Provost's Office.
  • Confluencenter - This campus-wide research institute offers grants to faculty and graduate students.
  • SBSRI Main Page - The college's research institute offers grants and research leaves to faculty in SBS.


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  • Request For Affiliation - This form may be filled out by UA faculty interested in requesting formal affiliation with the Department of English.