Department Head

Cristina D Ramírez

Department Head

Program Director, RCTE

Associate Professor

Modern Languages 445

Senior Director of Writing Program

Shelley Rodrigo

Senior Director, Writing Program

Associate Writing Scholar and Associate Professor

  • Professional development & mentoring
  • Online & technologically mediated learning
  • Writing program administration
Modern Languages 451A


Kate Bernheimer

Program Director, MFA Creative Writing


  • Fiction
  • Fairy-Tale Studies
  • Feminist Theory
Modern Languages 446
Hayriye Kayi Aydar

Hayriye Kayi-Aydar

Associate Professor

Program Director, EAL

  • Critical applied linguistics
  • TESOL teacher education
  • Positioning theory and discourse analysis
Modern Languages 428
John Melillo

John J Melillo

Associate Professor with Tenure

Program Director, Literature

  • Poetics and Music
  • Modern and contemporary literature
  • Literary and cultural theory
Modern Languages 424
ann shivers-mcnair

Ann Shivers-McNair

Associate Professor with Tenure

Director, Professional and Technical Writing

  • Technical and professional communication
  • User experience (UX)
  • Qualitative research methods
Modern Languages 425
Mariya Tseptsura

Mariya Tseptsura

Director of the Online Writing Program

Modern Languages 452
Dennis Wise

Dennis Wise

Senior Lecturer

Director, Undergraduate Studies

Modern Languages 445F1