Foundations Writing Evaluation

The Foundations Writing Evaluation is an online assessment to help determine which, if any, first-year composition courses you need to take.

About the Foundations Writing Evaluation

All new students (transfer, freshmen, re-admit) should complete the Foundations Writing Evaluation. Transfer students: this is how you initiate a Transfer Credit Review request for composition coursework.

Once completed, you'll be given a recommendation for which Foundations Writing Course you should take in your first semester. This recommendation will also be recorded in your UAccess Student account. If no course is needed, your account will be updated to show that the requirement is completed.

Complete the Foundations Writing Evaluation

Incoming Students

Access the Foundations Writing Evaluation (FWE) via Next Steps Center. Sign in to Next Steps Center and look for the Foundations Writing Requirement module.

International Students

International students (except Global Direct) should also access the FWE via Next Steps Center.

To learn more about the placement process and writing requirement,
visit the International Student Services website.

Current UA Students

If you are a current student but have not completed the Foundations Writing Evaluation, please email us at


Course Preference Update Form

Main campus non-international students may use the form below to quickly change your Foundations Writing course preference for any of the following reasons:

  1. You completed the FWE and selected a course OR you received a temporary placement prior to orientation, and you want to change courses (i.e., ENGL 101A --> 101, ENGL 107 --> 101, etc.)
  2. You have an English exam score or transfer course in UAccess that counts as ENGL 101. Your exam scores or transcripts MUST be in UAccess in order to use this form to update your placement.
  3. You completed the FWE and selected a course OR you received a temporary placement MORE THAN ONE YEAR AGO and need your placement "code" renewed. 

Update My Course Now

Filling out this form DOES NOT change the ENGL course on your schedule. Once you have completed this form, you will be able to change Foundations Writing courses (ENGL 101, 101A, 109H, 107, 108, 102) on your schedule.

If you are an AZ Online, International, or UA South student and would like to update your course preference, please email a Writing Placement Advisor at