Use your writing and English skills in practical and pre-professional ways, while earning credit for up to 3 units towards your major or minor.

Finding Internships

There are numerous internships in Tucson and beyond for English and creative writing majors.

Applying for Internship Credit

Once you find an internship (more on that below) and have been interviewed and hired, you can apply for internship credit.

  1. Fill out your portions of the Internship Work Plan.
  2. Have the internship supervisor fill out pages 2-4 and sign.  
  3. Return the completed application in to the front desk in our English Office (Modern Languages 445) OR send it (filled out and signed) as an attachment to   
  4. Once the Internship Coordinator and Director of Undergraduate English sign off on the paperwork, you will be registered by the department and will receive notification via email.


  • In order to receive academic credit, you must complete these steps and receive a confirmation email that you have been registered.

  • It's best you get turn in your application before the first day of classes (slightly later applications may be accepted in certain circumstances).

  • Summer internships are not always covered by scholarships (summer tuition applies to 'for credit' internships).

  • Meet with your advisor regarding application of internship credit toward your degree.

Internship Evaluation

Deadline: All items must be turned in by the Friday immediately following Reading Day at 5:00 p.m. in order for grades to be posted in a timely manner. 

Written Reflection

You must complete a written reflection on the internship work over the semester

  • Highlight your experience, accomplishments, and provide Internship Coordinator with information that may help in recommending your internship to future students.
  • Include images, samples, or anything else that shows what you have accomplished
  • No page minimum/maximum
  • Email your completed reflection to Stephanie Pearmain at 

Supervisor Evaluation

Send the Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form to your internship Supervisor to complete. Once the supervisor has completed Form, it will be returned to Stephanie Pearmain at

Intern Evaluation

Complete the Intern Evaluation Form. Once completed, please return a hard copy to Stephanie Pearmain or send via. email to

The Internship Coordinator will work with your internship Supervisor to determine your grade.