Bachelor of Arts – Professional and Technical Writing

Bachelors of Arts

Professional and Technical Writing


Prepare for careers like content strategist, user experience writer, or technical writer through real-world applications of current research in professional writing for diverse audiences.

About the Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) prepares students to communicate effectively and ethically in technologically and culturally diverse environments. The degree draws on the expertise of English department faculty to provide preparation in critical reading and thinking, language skills, editing, research, communication genres and styles, rhetorical theory, and practices of digital communication. The PTW major also offers students the opportunity to engage in community and industry projects that will provide valuable professional preparation. 

Areas of Study

You will learn how to understand and write for audiences in a diverse range of professional, community, and cultural contexts.

You can use your electives to pursue specializations in or surveys of publishing, digital media, and data literacy.

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Double Major Options

The Professional and Technical Writing Major is designed to supplement any other major, as professional writers are needed in all industries and sectors.  Many Professional and Technical Writing students also major in English or Creative Writing, as it provides a clear career path for strong writers and readers (see double major requirements).

Career Pathways

Graduates of the PTW major will be ready to pursue graduate studies in fields requiring highly developed writing skills and technical knowledge, or to pursue careers in a range of industries, in professions including: 

  • technical writing 
  • professional editing and publishing
  • content strategy and management
  • project management
  • user experience research and design