Accelerated Master's Program

announcing a new
Accelerated Master’s Program
in English

The UA English Department Office of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Literature Program are pleased to announce a new Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) in English. Undergraduate English majors may apply to the program during the Spring semester of their junior year. Those accepted begin the two year program in Fall of their senior year. AMP students:

  • earn an MA in English in just one year beyond your BA
  • take 12 graduate credits during your senior year; these courses can be counted simultaneously for both undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) credit (you may “double dip” these 12 credits)
  • finish the MA degree your second year in the program by completing 18 more graduate credits, passing the MA examination, and fulfilling the Foreign Language Requirement

You are eligible to apply for the AMP in English if:

  • your GPA at UA is at least 3.5 based on a minimum of 12 undergraduate units
  • you have already completed at least 75 undergraduate credit hours at the time of application
  • you will have completed at least 90 undergraduate credit hours prior to beginning the AMP in Fall of your senior year
  • you will have completed at least 12 units of upper-division English or American literature courses, at the UA main campus, prior to entering the program in Fall of your senior year
  • you will have completed your General Education requirements by the end of the Spring semester of your junior year
  • you reasonably expect to complete your undergraduate degree within two semesters after entering the AMP program
  • you can demonstrate the maturity necessary for success in an accelerated, highly competitive program

Students in the AMP program are not eligible for GATships (teaching assistantships).

For further information:

If you might be interested in the AMP program, you can

  • contact Professor Lynda Zwinger, Director of the Graduate Literature Program, to set up a brief informal meeting: or 520-621-1091
  • stay tuned for the dates of informational meetings, to be held both Fall and Spring semesters

Some information about the application process:

The next round of applications to the program will take place in Spring 2019; applications will be due by April 30. Your online application will include the following:

  • three letters of recommendation (we suggest that at least two of these come from English Department faculty members who have taught you in upper-division courses)
  • a Statement of Purpose
  • a Writing Sample (recommended: either a single paper of roughly 20 pages or two papers of roughly 10 pages each)
  • a GRE Verbal Aptitude score (the GRE should be taken before April 1)
  • a brief statement indicating that you have made some progress in learning to read a foreign language

Some more details about program requirements:

To be confirmed for Graduate Status at the beginning of your second year in the program you must:

  • have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in 12 credits of graduate courses during your first year in the program
  • file an approved Plan of Study after consulting with the program Director

Degree requirements for the MA include:

  • completion of 30 units of graduate courses
  • 12 of these units must be taken during your senior year of undergraduate study (these 12 units will count toward both your BA and your MA degrees)
  • the remaining 18 units of graduate course work should be taken during your second year in the program
  • successful completion of the MA Examination
  • completion of the Foreign Language requirement


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