M.A. / Ph.D.



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Prepare for teaching and scholarly research in literature at post-secondary institutions.

About the Program

Our Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy programs in English will professionally prepare for teaching and conducting scholarly research at the university, college, and community college levels.

The M.A. is designed both as a basis for the Ph.D. and as a program for students who for personal or professional reasons wish to pursue advanced literary studies. The Ph.D. provides professional training for academic appointments at colleges and universities; we also offer preparation and guidance for those who plan to enter non-academic professions.

Our program is staffed by a strong faculty doing innovative research engaging a full range of current critical methodologies and questions, across nearly all the traditional fields of British and American literature. Seminars typically explore cutting-edge issues that intersect both faculty’s current research and emerging critical trends.

See the English Literature M.A./Ph.D. Handbook for full details about the program.

English Literature M.A./Ph.D. Handbook


Interdisciplinary Environment

You may concentrate in a number of cross-disciplinary areas :

  • American Literature and Culture
  • Border Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • American Indian Studies
  • Visual and Digital Cultures
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
  • Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature and Theory
  • Rhetorical Theory
  • Comparative Modernisms

Several of our students choose to develop interdisciplinary research profiles, sometimes by minoring in a discipline other than English, among them a newly developed program in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory. You may also pursue a Ph.D. minor with other UA departments with approval from your committee chair and the Literature Program Director.

Graduate Student Funding

With very few exceptions, all the students in our program are awarded multi-year teaching assistantships. These may be renewed for a total of up to seven years if you enter at the M.A. level, and for up to five years if you enter at the Ph.D. level. TAs have their tuition waived by the university, though they do owe fees of a few hundred dollars each semester. Salaries range from roughly $14,250 to roughly $17,250, depending on progress through the program.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please do get in touch with our Program Director:

Lynda Zwinger
Director, Graduate Literature