Career Planning

The University of Arizona has a dedicated pre-law advisor, Verlaine Walker. You may visit the pre-law website for more information. There is also a pre-law minor that is good preparation for law school.
Health Professions
There are many options when considering a career in medicine or health professions. For advising, requirements to get into health-related fields or graduate schools and other helpful information, visit the Pre-Health Professions website.
Professional Jobs Related to English
Majors and minors in the English Department prepare for diverse experiences upon completion of an undergraduate degree. Students go on to graduate school, careers in publishing, business, public administration, government, law, media, education and numerous other fields. All students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss career and major goals. Career Services in the Student Union Memorial Center is also a great resource. They have books, binders and other information that can help in determining career paths, how to prepare for the application process, etc. They also have counselors that can assist you in the decision and planning process.  Career Services is located in SUMC 411.
Because there are a variety of job paths that can be followed with an English or Creative Writing degree, students should reflect on future options while pursuing the degree. It is also very helpful to gain practical work experience while an undergraduate. This experience may include part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, and preceptorships. The English Department offers credit for internships through local presses, magazines, non-profit organizations and other businesses. If you are interested in an internship, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in the English Undergraduate Advising Office.
The Undergraduate Advising Office provides career resources including books, magazines and binders of information. Please stop by Modern Languages 450 to look at these resources.


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