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Research Support

English Department Research-Related Funding

Other Campus Funding Sources

Graduate Assistant/Associate Teaching Awards

Visit the WIRe website (sign in with your NetID) for information and applications for the following teaching awards:

  • Barry Briggs Teaching Award
  • Julie Christakis DeFazio Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Difference & Inequality Teaching Award
  • Ruth Gardner Teaching Award
  • Johnnie Raye Harper Teaching Award
  • Tilly Warnock Summer Fellowships
  • Writing Program Fellowships
  • Professional & Technical Writing Teaching Award
  • Wildcat Writers Teaching Award

Other Teaching Opportunities

Contact Writing Program for application details

  • Med-Start Summer Program
  • New Start Summer Program
  • Summer Teaching, Writing Program
  • Summer Teaching, English

Administrative Positions

Other Resources

Check out the GPSC guide to campus resources.

English Department Letterhead Access: English Graduate Students who need access to the department letterhead for letters of recommendation or job/fellowship applications please contact Anne Shepherd