Independent Study

All students interested in independent study must first meet with an advisor in the English Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss the rules and regulations of independent study and honors thesis work and to get approval for either need within the major.  Students must then meet with a faculty member and write a thorough description independent study or thesis projects and the outcome – the faculty sponsor must sign off on the proposal.  The proposal form is then turned into the English Undergraduate Advising Office for approval by the Director or Undergraduate Studies.  If the Director feels the project is not academically sound, the Director will meet with the student and/or the faculty member and discuss adding more academic requirements.  It is up to the faculty member to monitor the progress of the independent study or thesis work throughout the semester and to submit a grade at the end of the term.  The Director of Undergraduate Studies is available to both faculty members and students throughout the semester to address any problems or issues that may arise.

Honors Thesis / Independent Study Form