Independent Study

Independent Studies in English are typically for qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work. Independent Studies should typically not duplicate available curricular offerings (though exceptions can be made to these guidelines by the Director of Undergraduate Studies as necessary). Independent Studies typically originate with the student, sometimes in conversation with a faculty member. The student must then meet with an advisor in the English Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss the rules, regulations, and usual scope of independent study work before asking the professor to sign off on the form. The student then submits their proposal form digitally to the English Undergraduate Office for approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. An Independent Study is not a research assistantship, and students retain all rights to academic or creative work produced in an independent study. If the Independent Study is approved, it is up to the faculty member to monitor the progress of the independent study or thesis work throughout the semester and to submit a grade at the end of the term. The Director of Undergraduate Studies is available to both faculty members and students throughout the semester to address any problems or issues that may arise. Independent studies are limited to students majoring, minoring, or earning a certificate within the English Department; one class must be already successfully completed within the major, minor, or certificate.

The units for any independent study depend upon the hours worked during the semester. For each unit of student credit, 45 hours of work are required. For example, if an independent study is worth 3 units, it would require 135 hours of work for the semester.

Honors Thesis Independent Study

English Independent Study Form