Minor in Professional and Technical Writing

Minor in

Professional and Technical Writing


Develop your critical thinking skills and explore areas such as literature, film, drama, rhetoric, and identity with a Minor in Professional and Technical Writing.

About the Minor

With a minor in Professional and Technical Writing, you will supplement your major field with language, writing, and critical thinking skills as well as knowledge of literary tradition and the histories and cultures that inform our world.

How to Declare the Minor

Review minor requirements below and complete the Declare Minor form.

Minor Requirements

There are 18 units required for the English minor (9 units of these units must be upper-division).* You must maintain a 2.0 minor GPA to graduate and at least three English units must be taken at the University of Arizona.

Core Course (6 units)

ENGL 313: Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing

ENGL 413: Writing for Diverse Audiences

ENGL 430: User Experience Research 


Minor Elective Courses (9 units)

Choose your electives from:

ENGL 201 (3) Introduction to Nonfiction

ENGL 209 (3) Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 210 (3) Introduction to Fiction

ENGL 217 (3) Editing and Grammar in Context

ENGL 255 (3) Introduction to the English Language

ENGL 280 (3) Introduction to Literature

ENGL 301 (3) Intermediate Nonfiction

ENGL 306 (3) Advanced Composition

ENGL 307 (3) Business Writing

ENGL 308 (3) Technical Writing

ENGL 340 (3) Topics in Professional and Technical Writing

ENGL 355 (3) English Sociolinguistics

ENGL 362 (3) Introduction to Rhetorical Theory, Inquiry, and Practice

ENGL 385 (3) Environmental Writing

ENGL 389 (3) Introduction to Publishing

ENGL 393/493 (3) Internship or SBS 393 (3) Internship (limit 3 units)(

ENGL 401 (3) Advanced Nonfiction

ENGL 406 (3) Modern English Grammar

ENGL 414 (3) Advanced Scientific Writing

ENGL 468 (3) Writing in the Practice of Law

ENGL 412 (3) Design for Professional and Technical Writing

ENGL 493H (3) Honors Internship (limit 3 units)

ENGL 498P Capstone in Professional and Technical Writing

ESOC 214 (3) Introduction to Data Science

ESOC 300 (3) Digital Storytelling and Culture

ESOC 314 (3) Theories of New Media

ESOC 315 (3) Publishing: From Papyrus to e-Book

JOUR 209 (3) Writing and Reporting

JOUR 319 (3) Visual Journalism

JOUR 422 (3) Publication Design

JOUR 480 (3) Advanced Multimedia

SBS 200 (3) Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

SBS 350 (3) Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud for Multimedia Projects

* Note: 9-unit limit on house numbered courses overall for the minor