English Internships

The University of Arizona Department of English is pleased to announce a great expansion in the options we offer for Internships – for this coming Spring 2018 semester or during future semesters -- where you can use your English skills in quite practical and pre-professional ways, but also earn credit for up to 3 units towards English or Creative Writing majors or minors.   

Some internships we have offered before are still available (see below), but many more options have recently been made available for you, our students, within the University and out in the local community.  All of these options allow you to “translate and apply your learning beyond the classroom into transformative practices and experiences that can impact your professional and personal lives” (our University’s new definition of Student Engagement).   

This expansion has occurred thanks to the efforts of Stephanie Pearmain, our new Director of English Internships, and Matthew Schmidt, the Graduate Associate in the English Undergraduate Office, as well as the support of our English Department Head, Professor Lee Medovoi.   

What follows is a list of existing and newly available internship opportunities that we encourage you to check out and choose from.  Clicking on each one will link you to the job description for interns in that program or location, and that description will include a contact person at the site of the internship and a means of contacting that person to set up an initial interview (go to them first and not to the English office). 

When you approach an internship supervisor (who has discretion about whether or not to take you on, especially if another applicant has preceded you), take with you the English Internship Application , fill out your portions of it, and have the internship supervisor fill out pages 5-7 and sign it twice.   Then turn the completed application in to the front desk in our English Office (Modern Languages 445) OR send it (filled out and signed) as an attachment to pearmain@email.arizona.edu.    

It is best, if the internship is for next semester, that you turn the application in before the first day of classes next January (though slightly later applications may be accepted under exceptional circumstances).  We will take care of registering you for internship units (under ENGL 393 or 493) once your application has been approved. 

You can, of course, propose to us internships with programs or agencies other than these, but you still must turn in a filled-out application (with supervisor signatures) for Stephanie’s approval, since we do need to be sure that English skills are involved and that every applicant has committed himself or herself to the obligations of English internships listed on the application’s second page.   

More choices will be announced (and thus added to these) soon – watch for them – but these, below, are the English internship opportunities for which we have up-to-date descriptions for you to consider.   “Happy hunting” –



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