Graduate Funding & Aid

RCTE students may be eligible for other financial aid opportunities from the department and the UA Graduate College.


We offer financial aid to incoming students and continuing students who are making satisfactory progress (a 3.5 GPA must be maintained).

Fellowship money may be awarded to incoming students.

Other financial aid may be available through the Graduate College. The Graduate College requires a 3.0 for recipients of financial aid.

See Graduate College Financial Resources.

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

These help cover tuition for an academic year or semester. Relatively few are available, and they are awarded to students in RCTE who do not have graduate teaching assistantships.

Graduate Access Fellowship

For incoming new UA graduate students. UA Graduate College's Graduate Access Fellowship is intended to broaden the access of U.S. students to graduate education and to promote the diversity of our graduate student body. Please contact the Program Assistant for more information.

EGU Travel Fund

The EGU Travel Fund provides partial funding for students to attend professional meetings to present or share work on behalf of the University of Arizona and RCTE.

Graduate Student Research Fund

The Graduate Student Research Fund is set up for English Department graduate students to finance travel costs associated with conducting research or field work. Each graduate student may receive funding for only ONE research project per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). The fund reimburses a maximum of $500. Applicants are encouraged to match these funds with other sources of support such as the SBSRI Pre-Dissertation Fund, GIDPAC, or a GIDP student research support fund.

Other Department Aid Opportunities

The Department offers other kinds of financial aid when available, including Writing Program coordinators, internships, and graderships.