Graduate Student Research Fund

The Graduate Student Research Fund is set up for English Department graduate students to finance travel costs associated with conducting research or field work.


Each graduate student may receive funding for only ONE research project per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). The Fund reimburses a maximum of $500.

Applicants are encouraged to match these funds with other sources of support such as the SBSRI Pre-Dissertation Fund, GIDPAC, or a GIDP student research support fund.

Eligibility and timeline is the same as the Graduate Student Travel Fund or EGU Travel Fund except that the Graduate Student Research Fund is for travel associated with conducting research rather than presenting at a professional conference. 

Applying for Funding

  1. Applications are due twice a year (September 1 and February 1) to review research projects that will occur within a calendar year of the due date.
  2. If there is any travel associated with this project, fill out a new Travel Authorization Form. Every Travel Authorization Form will have its own unique number. Do not use any previous copies.
  3. Uset he Sample Travel Authorization Form at the end of these instructions for help completing the Travel Authorization Form.
  4. For international travel, you must also complete the International Travel Authorization Form. If you are traveling to a country with a U.S. State Department travel warning, you will need to complete the Travel Warning country portion in the International Travel Form as well.
  5. Complete the Graduate Student Research Fund Application and prepare a Graduate Student Research Budget Spreadsheet,in Excel or in Word.
  6. Email the completed Graduate Student Research Fund Application, the Research Budget Spreadsheet, and any applicable Travel Authorization Forms to your Program Assistant; otherwise, travel will be ineligible for funding. The program assistants are:
  7. Each Program Assistant then makes sure Travel Authorization Forms are signed by the Program Director and then gives forms to Vicki Henryin the English Department Business Office.

For additional travel funding, you can also apply for a travel grant with the Graduate and Professional Student Council.


Applications will be reviewed every semester at a meeting of the English Department Program Directors and Department Head. Graduate students will be notified whether or not funding is available. If you are not notified within two weeks of submitting your form to the Program Assistant, please contact the Program Assistant for an update.


  1. Submit original receipt(s) to Vicki Henry (office in ML 445) within 30 days of payment.
    • All receipts must show method of payment, description, amount, and date (e.g. an itemized receipt).
    • If the method of payment isnt shown, please provide a bank statement that matches the purchase receipt.
    • Do not tape over receipts.
  2. Put all receipts into an envelope with your name and Vickis name.

Please note that the amount to be dispersed will be dependent on your actual costs, as verified by receipts and official paperwork. Any expenses for which you do not provide receipts will not be reimbursed. You should receive a refund check or direct deposit within 2-3 weeks after your receipts have been processed.


If you have any questions about the process or special conditions involving your project, please contact Vicki Henry, English Department Accountant, at