Graduate Student Research Fund

The Graduate Student Research Fund is set up for English Department graduate students to finance travel costs associated with conducting research or field work.


  • Each graduate student may receive funding for only ONE research project per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). The Fund reimburses $500.
  • Applicants are encouraged to match these funds with other sources of support such as the SBSRI Pre-Dissertation Fund, GIDPAC, or a GIDP student research support fund.
  • All Literature, RCTE, Creative Writing, EAL, and SLAT GATs and Non-GATs who have a University business purpose for the travel are eligible.
  • All graduate students who teach for the Department of English during the academic year of funding request, who have a University business purpose for the travel are eligible. 
  • Applicants must be University of Arizona graduate or professional students at the time of application and over the duration of the proposed travel.

You can also apply for a travel grant through the GPSC.

Applying for Funding

  1. Applications are due twice a year (October 1 and February 1) to review research projects that will occur within a calendar year of the due date.
  2. Fill out the Graduate Student Research Fund Application
  3. Click "Submit". Assign the next participant and route the form to Grad Program Coordinator, Stephanie Mao (Participant 2).
  4. Grad Program Coordinator will confirm receipt of application and will share with English Department Program Directors and Department Head.

For additional travel funding, you can also apply for a travel grant with the Graduate and Professional Student Council.


Applications will be reviewed every semester at a meeting of the English Department Program Directors and Department Head. Graduate students will be notified whether or not funding is available. 


Students selected to receive funds will have them awarded via their Bursar's Account. Please note that funds may be subject to taxation. 


If you have any questions about the process or special conditions involving your project, please contact Vicki Henry, English Department Accountant, at