Funding and Support

Below is a summary of the Financial Aid opportunities for RCTE students.

Financial aid from the Graduate College is available only to students who maintain a 3.0 for all UA Graduate credit courses.

The RCTE program can award the following financial aid when it is made available from the Graduate College:


Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) (or Research, though these are less available)

These are referred to as GTAships. They carry a full tuition waiver. The pay for these GTAships varies according to how many classes one is assigned to teach (2 max/semester), prior degrees earned, and how far one has progressed through the program. The awards are ordinarily given for a total of 5 years for students entering with an MA, and a total of 7 years for students entering with a BA (or an MA outside RCTE). The letter from the Department notifying the recipient of the GTAship creates the official terms for the award. Satisfactory progress and satisfactory teaching evaluations must be maintained.


Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS)

These help cover tuition for an academic year or semester. Relatively few are available, and they are awarded to students in RCTE who do not have GTAships.



Due to recent government regulations these may be awarded to students who show financial need as outlined by filling out a form on the website.


How Financial Aid is Awarded in RCTE

In RCTE financial aid is available to incoming students and students who are making satisfactory progress. Note that to make satisfactory progress in RCTE, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 must be maintained. (The Graduate College requires a 3.0 for recipients of financial aid.)

Fellowships and GTAships may be awarded either to incoming students (for recruitment) or to students already in the program who do not yet have GTAships. There are also Summer GTAships available (see below.)


Other Financial Aid may be available through the Graduate College


Note: Complete information about these scholarships can be found at the Graduate College Financial Resources page.


Graduate College Dissertation Waiver

Waiver of nonresident tuition only.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please contact the Program Assistant for information.



Graduate Access Fellowships

For incoming new UA graduate students. UA Graduate College's Graduate Access Fellowship is intended to broaden the access of U.S. students to graduate education and to promote the diversity of our graduate student body. Please contact the Program Assistant for more information.



EGU Travel Fund

Provides partial funding for students to attend professional meetings to present or share work on behalf of the University of Arizona and RCTE.


Information about additional opportunities are available from the Graduate College Financial Aid page.


Other Department Aid Opportunities

The Department offers other kinds of financial aid when available, including Writing Program coordinators, Writing Center coordinators, Writing Program internships, and graderships.


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