Literature FAQs


Do I need to have an MA to apply to the PhD program? 

No.  (See next question for more info.)

If I only have a BA can I apply the PhD program?

Yes. You do not need to have an MA to apply to the PhD program. You should apply to the PhD program if you intend on finishing your PhD at the University of Arizona. You should apply to the MA program if you intend on earning a terminal Masters degree. Typically, Masters students are teachers in the public schools or desire employment in community colleges.


How many of my graduate credits can transfer into the program?

Up to 15 units earned at other institutions can transfer into the PhD Program. Six graduate units can transfer into the MA program.


Do the letters of recommendation need to be on letterhead?



What if my recommenders cannot upload their letters?

If your recommenders are unable to submit their letters online, please have them email the letter to the program assistant  or mail the letter on letterhead and sign the back of the envelope across the seal.

The address for mailing:

Program Coordinator, Literature
Department of English
PO Box 210067
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0067


Is there an official form for letters of recommendation?


Can any of my letters of recommendation be from non-academic professionals?

Yes, though letters from academic professionals are preferred.

Can letters be emailed or faxed?

Faxed and emailed recommendations are acceptable if on letterhead and signed.  Fax number is (520)621-7397. 


Are the GREs required for admission?

Do I need to take the GRE Subject Test?


My GRE scores are more than five years old. May I still use them?

ETS only releases official scores for exams taken in the last five years. Because of this, we cannot accept scores older than five years. If the applicant has taken the test more than once, we take the highest score in each category.


Are all three GRE categories considered equally important to my acceptance?

The verbal and analytic scores are the most important parts of the GRE. Most applicants who are accepted are in the ninetieth percentile in the verbal or analytic categories. The quantitative score is noted, but largely ignored.

Where do I send my GRE scores?
Please request that your official GRE scores be sent to School Code 4832 (University of Arizona).



Is there a separate form to apply for aid?

No. All our students are funded through Graduate Teaching Assistantships. There is no separate application.

What different types of aid are available?

The Literature program offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAships),  Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS), and Graduate Fellowships. Students with GTAships typically teach two sections of undergraduate composition. A GTA's pay varies depending upon one's academic degrees and progress in the program. Tuition (in- and out-of-state) and health insurance are fully covered for a .50 FTE GTAship (teaching two courses per semester). Click here for current in-state fees.

How many years is aid renewed?

GATships can be renewed from year to year according to your original contract letter.  GTS awards may be renewed depending upon availability.

How many students get aid?

In the past few years, all students entering the program received GTAshiips. Graduate Fellowship monies may be available. The fellowships are need-based and a FAFSA form must be filled out in order to qualify.


Does the GTAship provide a complete tuition waiver?

Yes.  However, the UA Miscellaneous Fees must still be paid each semester.










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