RCTE Graduate Students




Lori Bable – 2014
Teaching / Research interests: Poverty discourse; Borderlands rhetorics; Community literacies; Critical race theory; Rhetorics of reconciliation and peacemaking; Social justice media; Sexuality and gender studies; Comparative/Contrastive and (inter)cultural rhetoric; Multilingual writing and writing center pedagogy; Qualitative research methods; Intersection of rhetoric and continental philosophy (ethics).
Sally Benson - 2015
Teaching / Research interests: Carceral studies; Prison education; Prison journalism; Gang identities and rhetorics; Community engagement; Community literacy; Transformational writing programs.
Elizabeth Bentley – 2013
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetorics of peace and conflict; Transnational feminisms; Action-oriented research; Social justice media; Digital participatory culture and multimodal pedagogy.
Daniel Bernal – 2014
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetorical genre studies; Educational transfer; Activity theory; Discipline based literacy; Remediation rhetoric; Religious rhetoric; Workplace rhetoric; Student as researcher pedagogy; Funds of knowledge pedagogy.
Christopher Brown – 2013
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetorics of conversion; Religion and secularism in composition theory; Liberation theology and pedagogy; Writing and student motivation.
Rachel Buck – 2013
Teaching / Research interests: Writing studies; Literacy studies; Rhetorical Genre studies; Service learning; Literacy Narratives; Basic Writing; Feminist pedagogy; Archival practices; WAC/WID.
Tamara Carter - 2015
Teaching / Research interests:


Adam Cerami – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Transnational Feminist Theories; Critical Race Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Rhetorics of Religion and Atheism; Public Perceptions of Science and Science Fiction; Social Activism through Writing and Rhetoric; WAC Writing to Learn.
Casely Coan – 2013
Teaching / Research interests: Queer theory; Sexuality studies; Transgender studies; Rhetorics of performance; Rhetorics of embodiment; Feminist pedagogy.
Maria Conti – 2014

Teaching / Research interests: Community engagement; Community literacies; Prison writing/activism; Multimodality; Service-learning; Digital rhetorics; Public rhetorics; Composition theory and pedagogy.

Jose Cortez – 2011
Teaching / Research interests: Critical theory; Writing studies; Media studies; Latin American studies; Subaltern studies.
Angelia Giannone -2015
Teaching / Research interests: Digital humanities; Games and interactive digital media; Feminist pedagogies; Visual studies.
Al Harahap – 2012
Teaching / Research Interests: Critical, democratic pedagogies; Critical theory; Cultural studies; Grad professionalization; Teacher development; Institutional policy; WPA, WAC/WID, WCs in the political economy and austerity.
Zachary Hill - 2015
Teaching / Research interests:


Eric House – 2014
Teaching / Research interests: Hip-Hop rhetorics; African-American rhetorical formations; Race critical theories; Critical pedagogy; Composition theory; Composition pedagogy.
Charisse Iglesias – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Service learning; Disability studies; Feminist pedagogy and rhetoric.
Brad Jacobson – 2012
Teaching / Research interests: Writing studies; Genre studies; K-16 Writing Pedagogy; Digital storytelling; Community literacy; Service-Learning; Qualitative research methods.
Regina Kelly – 2011
Teaching / Research interests:
Shane Kraus – 2014
Teaching / Research interests:
Marisa Sandoval Lamb – 2012

Teaching / Research interests: Composition pedagogy; Technical and professional writing; Rural literacies; Multimodal composing and digital literacies; The National Writing Project; Service-learning; Athletics.

Adele Leon – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Writing across the Curriculum; Evolving composition pedagogy; Writing program and writing center administration; Digital and multimodal rhetoric.
Prairie Markussen - 2015
Teaching / Research interests: Technology pedagogy; War poetry; Creative pedagogy; Intentionality pedagogy; Composition theory; Creative nonfiction


Maggie Melo – 2013
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetoric of innovation; Hacker and maker cultures (tech extension of DIY movement); Critical digital pedagogy; Digital humanities.
J. Paul Padilla – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Latinx studies; Decolonial rhetorics; Racial and ethnic stratification; Critical race theory; Silence as a rhetorical art; Listening as a rhetorical strategy; African-American studies; Transnational feminism; Visual rhetorics; critical pedagogy; Personal essay; James Baldwin; bell hooks; Victor Villanueva.
Madelyn Tucker Pawlowski – 2012
Teaching / Research interests: Genre studies; Writing studies; Teacher development; Second Language Writing.
Anushka Peres – 2013
Teaching / Research interests:
Alejandra Ramírez – 2014
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetorics of liberation, decolonization and revolution; Non-dominant, anti-oppressive educational praxis. Mexican and Xicana epistemologies, art, muralism and social movements. Qualitative research; Institutional Policy.
Roberto Reyes - 2015
Teaching / Research interests: Digital rhetoric and composition; Hate rhetorics; Rhetoric, power, and oppression; Social justice movement building; Xican@/Latin@ studies; Race/Gender/Sexuality performativity; New media and social justice organizing.
David Rick – 2012
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetorics of the fantastic, fiction, and creative writing; Expression and inclusion as liberatory pedagogy; Creative pedagogy and pedagogy of play; New media and game studies.
Michelle Rose – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Rhetoric of gender identity; Ties between Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF) and radical conservative philosophy; Systematic analysis of rhetoric; Composition techniques.
Joanna Sanchez-Avila – 2014
Teaching / Research interests: Feminist pedagogies; Feminist of Color theories; Transcultural memory; Memory and narrative; Memory and affect; Hauntings as counter-memory; Honduran and Honduran-American transnational experience; Writing studies; Fat studies; Media studies.
Emily Jo Schwaller – 2016
Teaching / Research interests: Feminist rhetorics; Kinesthetic learning; Composition pedagogy; Reading cultures.
Brooke Willock - 2015
Teaching / Research interests: Philosophy of rhetoric and writing; The work of Ann E. Berthoff; Theory of imagination; Liberation pedagogy and critical consciousness; Drama in the classroom;, Spiritual sites of composing.
Ami Takabori – 2016

Teaching / Research interests:



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