RCTE Associate Professor Damián Baca Presentation with the Navajo Nation Office of the Vice President

RCTE Associate Professor Damián Baca, with the Navajo Nation Office of the Vice President, presented at a three-day international conference on decolonizing health, food literacy, and youth leadership at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona. Baca’s presentation is part of a three-year initiative with the youth-led Navajo Community Health Outreach (NCHO) that supports the empowerment of Diné high school students as agents of change by increasing knowledge of food literacy, improving multilingual communication skills, and by building networks of support and resources for youth, educators, health workers, and other community stakeholders. Conference participants traveled from as far south as Chiapas and as far north as Ontario, and addressed Indigenous solidarity, food sovereignty, and the epistemology & pedagogy of plants.


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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences