MFA Alum Fights for Voting Rights as Texas Representative

July 19, 2021

From Texas to D.C.: A Legislator—and Her Child—Fight for Voting Rights

“It’s not just about Texas—it’s about Georgia, it’s about Arizona, it’s about Florida, it’s about every state where Republicans are trying to force through bills based on a lie, based on the idea that Trump really won.”

—Texas state Representative Erin Zwiener (D)

Thursday, July 8, marked the start of the special legislative session in Texas. Calling a special session is already unusual, and in particular, the agenda for this session—set in this case by Gov. Greg Abbott (R)—is considered by many to be a Republican wishlist, tackling wedge issues like voting rights, trans rights, medication abortion and border security, and shirking issues like the state’s crumbling electrical grid. Read More