English Professor's Novel Eddie & Sunny is Being Made Into a Movie

Nov. 3, 2020
Since his days working in a movie theatre at the age of 16, University of Arizona Assistant Professor Stacey Cochran knew he wanted to tell stories. Another dream was to see one of his stories make it to the big screen.
Now, nearly five years after the publication of his novel Eddie & Sunny, Cochran is seeing his dream materialize, even with the filming delays brought about by COVID-19.
Eddie & Sunny centers around a homeless couple and their young son. After Sunny shoots a drug dealer to protect her son, the pair become fugitives. While on the run, they become separated, with each believing the other has been killed. The novel was acquired by Amazon Publishing and was one of their first 10 Kindle Scout novels. The novel broke into the top 100 on Kindle’s bestseller charts in 2015 and 2016.