Congratulations to Dev Bose, one of several winners of the SBS Teaching Awards

May 14, 2021

Dev Bose, Assistant Professor, Department of English

SBS Graduate Teaching Award

This award recognizes superior and innovative teaching in graduate courses.

For almost seven years Dev Bose has taught preceptorship, the one-year course that new Graduate Assistants, Teaching, or GATs, take their first year teaching in the Writing Program.

“In this time, he has left a major impact on GATs that then further impacts the undergraduate students they teach,” wrote Rochelle L. Rodrigo, senior director of the Writing Program. “Dev’s previous and current students have nothing but good things to say about his teaching and mentorship.”

“Of the 10 or so pedagogical mentors I’ve had in my six or so years of teaching, Dev Bose was easily the most impactful,” wrote one student.

Another student wrote, “Dev mindfully and respectfully considers a wide range of perspectives, modes, technologies, and ideas in his own teaching and research, which he practices and imparts on his mentees in preceptorship.”

“When he gave feedback – and he did so, often – I always received practical advice and concrete examples within a developed theoretical framework for a burgeoning pedagogue,” wrote another student. “In short, Dev is very much a teacher’s teacher. He demonstrates an unwaveringly calm and cheerful demeanor and ensures that his mentees always know that their success is his own.”

Dev Bose