Composition Studies publishes a special issue featuring multiple Writing Program instuctors

Dec. 2, 2022
The cover of Composition Studies 50.2

Issue cover art illustrated by Chandrima Chatterjee

"Advocating for Writing and Well-Being," a special issue prepared by guest editors Susan Miller-Cochran and Stacey Cochran, was published in Composition Studies

Susan Miller-Cochran, a professor of English and Executive Director General Education in the office of the Provost, is the former Director of the University of Arizona Writing Program. Stacey Cochran is a career-track assistant professor of English and Coordinator of Student Success and Wellness for the College of Social and Behavior Sciences. 

"When we originally proposed a special issue of Composition Studies focused on writing and well-being," wrote Miller-Cochran and Cochran in their introductory article, "we called for work that highlights research and pedagogical approaches designed to understand the nature of and
increase well-being in writing programs through writing and writing instruction. We hoped to advance dialogue about how to develop truly inclusive and supportive instructional practices that foster well-being for all participants in writing programs: undergraduate students, instructors (both faculty and graduate students), staff, and administrators."

The issue features scholarship from multiple current and former Writing Program instructors, including Charles McMartin, Emily Jo Schwaller, Tom Miller, Eric House, Tracy Ann Morse, Sydney Sullivan, Sally Benson, and Nick Halsey, with editorial assistance provided by Jamey Dawson Rodgers and Josie Portz.