Program Requirements

The MFA degree requires 42 units (12 three-unit classes + 6 credits of the one-unit MFA colloquium) and the completion of a thesis project.

Course/Thesis Requirements

  • Four Creative Writing workshops in Fiction (604), Poetry (609), or Creative Nonfiction (501). At least three must be in your genre; one out-of-genre workshop may also be counted toward this requirement.

  • Four Creative Writing Craft Seminars (596H), including at least one outside your genre. We offer 596H seminars in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Topics vary every semester.

  • At least three Electives: Electives may include coursework in the English Department or in other departments, additional workshops outside primary genre, additional ENGL 596H seminars, the CW Pedagogy Preceptorship (required for all students teaching CW workshops for the first time), internships (up to 6 units), and Writing Program preceptorship credits (up to 4 units for Writing Program GTAs). Courses outside English require CW Program Director approval.

  • MFA Colloquium, required for all MFA students every semester, is a one-credit, pass/fail course that meets each Friday. This course houses MFA orientation and logistical discussions, conversations with visiting writers and editors, and discussions around professional development.

Thesis Requirement:

  • One Thesis Manuscript Independent Study (ENGL 909) taken during the student’s final semester (3 credits).