Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is financial support available?

Financial aid in the form of assistantships and scholarships is available through the Department, and is highly competitive. All financial aid is awarded on merit, as proven by GRE scores, writing samples, and class performance. Students may also bring their own funding from private or sponsored sources, or student loans. Financial support is sometimes available in a student’s second, third, and fourth semesters, and is awarded based on seniority, need, and GPA, but it is not guaranteed. No support is ever available for summer courses. Please note that the cost of graduate tuition and fees per year for Arizona residents is about $11000, and for non-residents (including international students) is about $26000.

2. Can I finish the degree in three semesters?

If you do not have GAT-ship funding, it may be possible to complete the MA degree in three semesters, or three plus one course, by transferring courses or taking 3 or 4 courses a semester. Please note, however, that some required courses are only offered in Fall or Spring, not both (see no. 4 below).

3. Can I transfer coursework?

According to UA graduate school rules, you may transfer up to 6 credit hours from another accredited program, or 12 credit hours from the UA, if those courses did not count towards fulfillment of another degree. Usually, transferred hours from another program count as electives, and are registered as independent studies with the Program Director.

4. What courses are offered when?

We produce a list of available program courses when registration for an upcoming semester opens. Usually, the list of Spring courses is available starting in November, and the list of Fall courses is available starting in May. We can guarantee that the core courses (613, 612, 615, and 596j) will be offered according to the recommended coursework schedule, and that the secondary courses (Reading or Writing, Culture, or Technology) will be offered when possible.

5. What reading/writing, culture, and technology courses should I take?

ELL program faculty will offer courses in reading, writing, culture, and technology, with an emphasis on English as a second/foreign language pedagogy and acquisition. Because these courses will be specialized for our field, you should take them when they are offered, but if you cannot fit them into your schedule, you should take equivalent courses with program approval.

6. What electives can I take?

We will produce a list of suggested electives when registration for an upcoming semester opens. Usually, these courses are in English or related disciplines, such as the foreign languages, education, linguistics, anthropology, or psychology. You should make sure you have program approval for all electives that you choose.


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