Students' Guide for Foundations Writing Contest

We hold a contest each year to showcase some of the excellent work created by Foundations Writing students.

About the Contest

While it’s wonderful to write a successful paper for a composition class, it’s an added benefit if you have the chance to share your work with a wider audience. In order to offer students that possibility, we created The Students' Guide for Foundations Writing Contest. This gives students in Foundations Writing courses, English 101A, 101, 102, 106, 107, 108, and 109, a chance to showcase their best work, and winning selections are included in materials available to future students and writing teachers.

Categories for the contest include narratives, analyses, arguments, reflections, portfolios, multi-modals projects, and reported research texts. Winning entries are chosen based on purposeful organization, developed analysis, rhetorical innovation, and effective language use. The contests run over the course of the academic year, so students are invited to submit their best work from summer, fall, or spring at the end of the spring semester. 

The writing contest is the perfect place to show off your hard work! Not only will you help fellow students, but you’ll have an enviable line on your résumé. Writing is a skill that serves your own growth and learning, but it is also a skill that future academic advisors and employers look for. Please consider submitting at least one essay per semester. We’ll look forward to reading and celebrating your best writing.



(list of winners)

2018 Winners

Reported Research

Valentina Correa, 1st Place

Risks and Benefits of Rotavirus Vaccine

Valentina was born in Chile where she lived for nineteen years. At age twenty she moved to Perth, Australia where she lived for two years. After leaving Australia she returned to her country where she proceeded to enroll in university to study English education. She soon realized that education was no her passion and decided to study psychology. She is current pursuing a career in psychology at the University of Arizona, living in Tucson for the past three years.

Student winner Valentina Correa

Alison Smith, 2nd Place

Accommodations for Learning Disabled Students

Allison Smith is currently a sophomore studying English at the University of Arizona. Allison is a native Californian, enjoys writing and research, and hopes to create more work in her future career. She is profoundly grateful for Professor Kristen Hoggatt-Abader's guidance in developing her writing process and her parents for providing her with the opportunity of higher education and their unconditional love and support.

Student winner Allison Smith


Narrative Writing

Carmen Gallegos, 1st Place

The Growth of a Shameful Catholic

My name is Carmen Gallegos and I am a second year student at the University of Arizona majoring in Elementary Education.

Student winner Carmen Gallegos


Blake Gephart, 2nd Place

This Recruit, That Recruit, These Recruits

My name is Blake Gephart and I was born and raised in Tucson. I grew up an Arizona Wildcats basketball fan, as is tradition. After I graduated high school I attended the University of Arizona for one year before I dropped out and joined the Marine Corps. After five years in the Marines I returned to school I am studying journalism and political science with aspirations of law school. BEARDOWN AZ!

Student winner Blake Gephart

Griffin Collins, 3rd Place

Place, Music and Me


Argumentative Writing

Jason Kronenfeld, 1st Place Tie

The First Day of College and...Collaboration?

Jason Kronenfeld is an undergraduate chemist with minors in French and math at the UA. He intends to pursue a doctorate in chemistry upon graduation in 2021. When Jason is not conducting research in the Renquist lab, he can be found fostering community in his hall as an RA., inspiring critical thinking and a love of science in Honors Chem labs and making the most out of each day!

Student winner Jason Kronenfeld


Josh Zaragoza, 1st Place Tie

The Misconception of Abstinence Only Education

My name is Josh Zaragoza. I am 19 years old and I am from Tucson. I attend the UA as a sophomore, pursuing a degree in business. I run a computer company that I started when I was 14. I have always loved writing and logical reasoning, so I feel very honored to be recognized and featured in this publication!

Student winner Josh Zaragoza



Analytical Writing

Jonah Venglarcik, 1st Place

Is there Anybody Out There? Disillusionment of the Quintessential Rockstar in The Wall

At first, I didn't think that my essay was good enough to even compete in this contest, but with some encouragement from my professor, Jean Goodrich, I decided to take my chances. I guess at the end of the day, I indeed am my own worst critic. Writing is not something I plan to pursue full-time, but this contest has a least convinced me that I very much have a knack for it. 

Student winner Jonah Venglarcik


Claire Van Straalen, 2nd Place

The Sting of Modern-Day Social Media

Clare is a sophomore major in marketing within the Eller College of Management and is from Tucson. When she's not munching French fries, you can find her in the Eller Leadership Board, Eller College Dean's Council, or working at the Disney Store. She loves to write about food, vacations, and her cat.

Student winner Claire Van Straalen