English Major

English Major Goals

Majoring in English leads to knowledge of the foundational texts of British and American literature, and an understanding of the full historical and cultural range of world literatures and cultures expressed in English.

Core Courses: 21 units

  • 280: Introduction to Literature
  • 380: Literary Analysis (focus on the close reading skills required for the English major)
  • 373A: Survey of British and American Literature from Beowulf to 1660
  • 373B: Survey of British and American Literature from 1660 to 1865
  • 396A: Junior pro-seminar (focus on methods and material of literary research)
  • 431A or 431B: Shakespeare
  • 496A: Senior pro-seminar (focus on literary criticism and theory)

Major Elective Courses: 18 units
One of your elective classes must be an English language emphasis course, to be selected from the following list: ENGL 255, ENGL 355, ENGL 405, ENGL 406, ENGL 408, ENGL 421, ENGL 425A, ENGL 425B, ENGL 455, or ENGL 462.

To fulfill the remainder of your elective units, you should choose a series of courses that makes sense for your individual academic and career goals. Requirements for the electives are not rigid and do not require advisor approval, but advisors are available if you need guidance with your course of study.

All students must maintain a 2.0 major GPA to graduate. This requires that at least 18 English units must be taken at the University of Arizona. In addition to English 280, 6 units of lower division (200-level) coursework may be applied to the English major.




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