English Honors Program

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2017-2018 ENGLISH Honors Applications
English Honors applications being accepted until
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The English Honors Program offers students the opportunity to write an Honors Thesis. 
Applicants need not be English or Creative Writing majors, nor is it required that they be enrolled in the Honors College.
Generally, students apply early in the first semester of their junior year, as thesis preparation and writing is designed to be a three-semester process. 

*** Students***

To apply, please submit the following materials:

  • Honors application form
  • a personal statement
  • writing sample(s)
  • letter(s) of recommendation.


  1.  Download and fill out the honors application below

  1.  Attach the application form and all other materials (see application form for details) and send to this link: Attach materials here

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  1.   Please contact your faculty recommenders and direct them to this page for their submission.


When you have completed your application, check out all scholarship opportunities here https://english.arizona.edu/scholarships and apply for English scholarships at https://scholarshipuniverse.arizona.edu/suha !!

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