Degree Requirements

1. Language Requirement. If students are native speakers of English, they should show evidence of intermediate proficiency in another language, usually equivalent to 4 semesters of college or 4 years of high school language instruction. Non-native speakers of English are not required to show proficiency in a third language.

2. Coursework. Students should complete the following coursework, with a grade of B or better (3.0). See the courses page for course descriptions and the recommended schedules page for normal schedule sequences. Note also that students may transfer up to 6 graduate credit hours (12 from UA), with approval by the Graduate Advisor or Program Director, usually applied to elective requirements. 


Normally fulfilled by:


TESL Methods

ENGL 555: Methods I: Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Applied Linguistics

ENGL 596o: Introduction to Applied Linguistics


Materials & Curriculum Development and Assessment

ENGL 613: Methods II: Materials & Curriculum Development and Assessment


SLA Theory

ENGL 615: Second Language Acquisition Theory



ENGL 620: Cultural Dimensions of SLA


Pedagogical Grammar

ENGL 506: Modern English Grammar


Professional Development

ENGL 693a: Applied ESL


Five courses selected from:

  • ENGL 591: GTA Preceptorship (GTAs only)
  • ENGL 580: L2 Writing*
  • ENGL 596j: SLA Research Methods
  • ENGL 589: Technology and Language Teaching
  • ENGL 612: Grammatical Analysis
  • ENGL 596o Special Topics  (may be repeated), e.g. Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Alternative SLA, Games and Play in L2TL


All course choices must be approved by the Program Director.

*GTAs must take L2 Writing if they wish to teach ESL composition sections (English 106, 107, or 108)


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences