ENGL 589: Technology and Language Teaching

This course explores theory, practice, and pedagogical application of the latest Internet and computer technologies in second/foreign language education, including synchronous and asynchronous chat, blog, wiki/collaborative docs, audio (podcasting), video, virtual world/digital gaming, mobile/handheld computing, and social media technologies, in view of CALL (computer-assisted language learning), CMC (computer-mediated communication), SLA/D (second language acquisition and development), and literacy/ies research. Class activities will include small group discussions, presentations, and hands-on use of the technologies being discussed. Projects include reaction papers, blog postings, development of a technology-mediated L2 learning activity, and an evaluation of a game or CALL app (e.g. Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, Memrize, etc.), and a final research project or book review.

Course Credits