Sheyda (Saghar) Safaeyan

Ph.D. Student, Literature
Graduate Associate, Teaching
Sheyda (Saghar) Safaeyan is a PhD Candidate in English Literature at the University of Arizona. Her research is centered on twentieth-century and Contemporary multi-ethnic American literature and film. Her dissertation, titled "Posthuman Blossoming in Contemporary Speculative Fiction and Film," takes up vegetal ontology as a metaphor to examine posthuman configurations in Contemporary American speculative texts. The project develops the concept of "disorganic entelechy" to approach the creative and transgressive drive that propels the posthuman characters’ plantesque minds and bodies to disrupt anthropocentrism and reconsider the position of the human in relation to the milieu and other forms of life. It ultimately investigates the ways in which novelists and filmmakers employ narrative to petition the necessity of taking political action at the pace and scale required in the current social and ecological climate. From 2014-2018, Sheyda served as an English Literature Instructor at Shiraz Payame Noor University. Since 2018, in her position as a Graduate Associate in Teaching at the University of Arizona, She has been teaching first-year Composition and Introduction to Literature courses.