Andrew Cooper

  • Ocean University of China (OUC) (Qingdao, China)
  • Chinese learners, academic writing, English for academic and specific academic purposes, discourse analysis, cognitive theories of pedagogy and learning, accelerated learning.

Andrew Cooper (Andy) is from the UK and has an MA in teaching speakers of other languages (TESOL) from Sheffield Hallam University. With 20 years’ experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages, around 16 of these have been with Chinese undergraduates and postgraduates in China and the UK. He is motivated by understanding Chinese learners from different perspectives and levels, from writing skills to more ethnographic considerations, and has been invited to share his research interests and findings internationally and at international conferences. Andy is currently continuing his teaching career at Ocean University of China and planning the next phase of his research, which will maintain a focus on better understanding Chinese learners and improving teaching practices.