Undergraduate Education Researcher, Department of English


Undergraduate Education Researcher, Department of English

2 employees ($15/hour) and 1-3 unpaid/volunteer interns

Employer: Dr. Shelley Rodrigo, rrodrigo@arizona.edu

Higher education continues to be transformed by digital technologies, data analytics, and other tools for learning. Students increasingly access their instructional materials in digital environments. As digital technologies continue to influence instructional design, higher education needs to better understand how students navigate these resources and comprehend the factors that lead students to successful engagement with the tools. Dr. Rodrigo’s research team will continue work on a project researching how students use individualized reading formats in digital reading spaces. While working on this project, students will learn about the iterative design process of long-term research projects. They will gain experience with data collection and analysis along with traditional work of secondary research and writing up processes and temporary conclusions. Strong enough computer skills to complete work in various applications (e.g., the Microsoft Suite) while on Zoom calls during co-working sessions are required.

Applications are preferred by May 5th (and interviews will begin on May 9th) but applications will continue to be reviewed until positions are filled or May 16th.”

We will work the first half of the summer: 5/16-6/26 = 25 hours * 6 weeks = 150 hours 6/27-30 = 4 hours * 3 days = 12 hours

To apply:

1) Fill out an application form here: https://forms.gle/y41oTBPnCrfYj32V7

2) The form will ask you to upload the following documents: cover letter describing your interest in the research project, engaging in education research, and what you hope to gain from the experience, a resume, and an unofficial transcript