Edge High School Internships

Our internship program is unique because we have so many opportunities for interns to choose from. We prefer when interns choose a role that gives them the most meaningful experience. We are truly looking for diverse interns with a variety of skills and talents. We know how important it is to have working relationships with college students who can bring new ideas, new methods, and new perspectives to our growing high school.

Hours worked

Interns must follow UofA guidelines for hours worked per week. Per UofA English requirements, interns must spend half their time writing or editing. We are extremely flexible in how students want to manage their hours. We also have opportunities outside of the normal school day that can help supplement hours for students with a busy schedule during the week. We prefer students who can be on campus but can discuss options for interns who want to help research, edit, or write from home. We will track hours and require interns to submit proof of labor and time spent. Edge High School is typically open from 7:30am-4:30pm.


This is an un-paid internship. However, we often have paid positions that we need to fill and our amazing interns are always on our radar. We encourage interns to apply for paid positions when they are available.


We are dedicated to making sure our interns are valued, recognized, and given a wonderful internship experience at Edge. We know how important our internships are for not only supporting our staff but also for student support. We believe the most meaningful benefit for interns is that they will see first hand how they CAN make a genuine difference at our school and also make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth. Other benefits include social media recognition, increased networking opportunities, job skills development, and previews of upcoming paid job openings.

Food for thought

MANY of our students come from families who never had a parent or family member attend college. Our students often tell us that they have never been on a college campus and don’t know if they are “college material.” Just the presence of college interns at our high school campus alone can teach students that their dreams are closer than they think. Some of our students are homeless or have been through traumatic life experiences so we prefer interns who understand this dynamic and who are willing to help us encourage students to overcome their hardships. However, we would not turn away an intern who requests to work with just administration or who would prefer to work more independently.

Purpose of the internship

Our interns will be able to teach in classrooms, build curriculum, help support administration, learn about non-profit business management, and get involved in our student service programs. We fully support intern’s ideas for improving our school culture and contributing to our mission and vision. In addition, we encourage interns to get involved with projects that may be new for them, including but not limited to: marketing, grant writing, fundraising, event planning, and arts. Our school is constantly evolving and finding new ways to meet the needs and demands of our students; therefore, duties evolve. We are dedicated to ensuring that interns are gaining experience in their related field.


  • Since we are a high school, we require interns who wish to work DIRECTLY with students have a Fingerprint Clearance Card. Edge will reimburse the intern for this expense. Please note: If an intern does not wish to work with students, they do not need a Fingerprint Clearance Card.
  • We prefer interns who have an interest in working with high school students and who are willing to be positive role models.
  • We are looking for consistent and reliable interns who can be flexible and adaptable.
  • We prefer interns who understand the population we serve: under-served and at-risk youth.
  • It is helpful if interns have familiarity with Microsoft Office Programs.

How to apply

  • Submit a letter of interest and resume to Anne Ortiz: Anneo@edgehighschool.org
  • Please make the subject line: UofA Intern (and your name).
  • Once we receive your letter and resume, we set up a time to talk to you about your areas of interest, skills, and schedule.
  • When interns have been selected, we will schedule a short orientation/training (1-2 hours).
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