Foundations Writing for Transfer Students

All new, incoming transfer students (regardless of previous coursework or examinations) must first complete the Foundations Writing Evaluation, available through your Next Steps Center. This online tool will determine whether your previous writing/English coursework fulfills the University Foundations Writing requirement, so long as your official transcripts have already been processed through the Office of the Registrar

Students with 50 or more transfer credits whose previous writing/English composition coursework does not satisfy the Foundations Writing requirement have two additional options to fulfill the requirement: 
  1. Enroll in ENGL 306T, or

  2. Submit a Transfer Portfolio 

Students who prefer to take our Foundations Writing sequence (ENGL 101/107+102/108 or ENGL 109H) to fulfill the requirement are still welcome to do so. We recommend that students work closely with their academic advisor to decide which option best suits them and their degree requirements. 

English 306T

One requirement, one course

ENGL 306T is Advanced Composition for transfer students. This intensive, 7.5-week online course covers the outcomes of our ENGL 101 and 102 courses while emphasizing students' unique backgrounds, professional interests, and academic disciplines. ENGL 306T is ideal for students who: 

  • have non-academic experiences that have exposed them to different types of workplace or recreational writing;

  • have taken at least a few courses in their major discipline and want to know more about how writing and research are done in their discipline;

All registration for this course is done manually by the Writing Program. Please contact for further information about enrolling in the course. Do not enroll in ENGL 306T without contacting us. 


Transfer Portfolio

Who should do it?

If your previous course(s) do not satisfy the Foundations Writing requirement (either partially or fully), the requirement can be waived if you successfully complete a Transfer Portfolio. We only recommend this option to students who have taken at least two English courses but these courses have not been approved to satisfy the Foundations Writing requirement.

What is it?

The Transfer Portfolio is:

  1. A collection of "artifacts" (at least 4) that serves as evidence of your familiarity and experience with the Foundations Writing Student Learning Outcomes.

  2. One (1) accompanying Reflection Essay that discusses your writing experiences and uses the artifacts to explain your understanding of the SLOs.

How do I start?

First, review the Foundations Writing Goals and Student Learning Outcomes. If you decide that you can provide evidence of your familiarity and experience with a majority of the outcomes, please indicate your interest in the Transfer Portfolio option in the Foundations Writing Evaluation. You will be provided with more information when you submit your completed FWE.