Transfer Students

All students must fulfill the UA General Education Foundations Requirement for Writing/Composition.

Although transfer students are often allowed to register for upper-division courses within their major, it does not mean their UA Foundations Writing Requirement has been met. To verify this information, all transfer students must contact a Writing Program Transfer and Placement Coordinator (TPC) within their first semester of attendance at the UA.

Transfer student FAQs

Can I get credit for a test score?

AP English Language & Composition AP English Literature & Composition

Test scores of 4 or 5 will automatically result in English elective credit and placement into ENGL 109H. Completion of 109H with a “C” or better satisfies the entire General Education Foundational Composition requirement). Note: Students may request ENG 101 credit and placement into ENGL 102.

College Composition CLEP exam

Scores of 50+ will default to ENGL 101 credit and placement into ENGL 102. Students have the option, upon contacting the Writing Program, of English elective credit and placement into 109H.

IB English (Higher Level)

Scores of 5, 6, or 7 will automatically result in English elective credit and placement into 109H. Completion of 109H with a “C” or better satisfies the entire General Education Foundational Composition requirement. Note: Students can request ENG 101credit and placement into ENGL 102.

Can I get credit for a writing course I took through a college or university while I was in high school (also known as dual credit, concurrent enrollment, or dual enrollment)?

University-level courses taken while the student was in high school or taken as part of a high school program associated with a university or community college may be submitted for consideration for ENGL 101 or 102 transfer credit. All out-of-state dual enrollment (meaning, credit was granted by a non-AZ institution) must be reviewed to determine equivalency. Please email to request a review.

Due to transfer agreements across the state of Arizona, most introductory college composition courses taken at (or in partnership with) Arizona community colleges transfer in as UA ENGL 101 or 102 credit.

I have an AGEC (or IGETC) from another institution. Do I need to take ENGL 101 and 102?

No. Any student who has an AGEC (Arizona) or IGETC (California) on their student record has satisfied the UA General Education Foundation Requirements. You do not need to contact us--once your AGEC or IGETC is posted in UAccess, you will have automatically satisfied the writing requirement.

My previous institution(s) required two semesters of composition, but I tested out of the first semester. Do I have to take ENGL 101 at UA?

If you tested out of a required first-semester composition course and passed the required second-semester course, ENGL 101 can be waived if the second semester course is equivalent to UA's ENGL 102.

I already have a Bachelor’s-level (BA, BS, etc.) degree from a previous school. Do I need to take ENGL 101 and 102?

No. Any student with a complete and awarded Bachelor’s degree on their transcript has satisfied the UA General Education Foundation Requirements. Please contact us at so we can process your waivers.

How do I know if I qualify for the Transfer Portfolio? How does that process work?

Transfer students who have at least 56 transfer credits are eligible for the Transfer Portfolio option. You must submit the portfolio within one calendar year of transferring to the UofA (including summer semester). You may request to waive ENGL 101, ENGL 102 or both with your portfolio.

Please click here for more information.

I took a writing course at another institution. Will it count for a UA writing class?

  1. Confirm your official transcripts have been received and uploaded in UAccess.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will classify a transferred English/composition course in one of three ways:
    1. The course will be “Posted” and automatically given English 101 or 102 credit;
    2. The course will be “Posted” and given English elective credit;
    3. The course will be “Rejected.”
  3. If (b) or (c), you may initiate an appeal with the Writing Program Transfer and Placement Coordination Office for ENGL 101 or 102 credit.

English composition coursework taken more than 15 years ago will automatically receive English elective credit. For students with such coursework, we offer a few options for satisfying the writing requirement. Please contact us at to learn more.

How do I submit an appeal to have a course reconsidered for equivalency?

Email the Transfer and Placement Coordinators (TPCs) at with information about the transfer credits you would like reviewed for ENGL 101 and/or 102 credit. Be sure to include the following: Your full name, your Student ID# and a detailed description of your case—provide as much information as possible regarding your case, which may include any of the following:

  • Transfer credits: name(s) of institution(s), name(s) of course(s) *You need to have received a “C” or higher in the course.*
  • AP test(s) taken and scores received.
  • Previous degree(s) completed/awarded.
  • CLEP test taken and score received.
  • Dual enrollment—name of institution awarding the credit, and name of the course.

How is transfer course equivalency determined?

In determining equivalency to the first-year writing courses, a few key factors are considered:

  • Similarity of course goals to ENGL 101 and ENGL 102—this means significant emphasis on  writing process and analysis, research, rhetorical awareness, and writing for diverse audiences.
  • Is the transfer course part of a writing requirement sequence or does it fulfill a general education requirement at the transfer institution?
  • Are the aims of the composition course(s) at the transfer institution similar to those at UA?
  • Additional factors include the nature and number of writing assignments and required texts.

Can I submit a class that is not a composition course?

Foundational composition credit is usually only granted to composition courses. In other words, credit is usually given to courses that focus on learning how to write, not to courses where writing is used to learn.  Consult your major advisor for other coursework equivalency questions.

How long will the evaluation process take?

Transfer credit appeals submitted to the Writing Program typically take two weeks to complete; longer if you submit your appeal at the beginning of a semester.

How will I find out what credit I received for my course?

You can expect a response to your transfer credit appeal within two weeks indicating what, if any, credit you have received for your transfer coursework.

My course was approved. What do I need to do now?

Provided that you have submitted your transcripts to the Registrar’s office, there is nothing else you must do. Your student record will be updated by a TPC. Note: Your transfer coursework cannot be articulated until your transcripts are in UAccess.

Can I appeal a transfer credit decision or talk to someone about it?

Appeals can be directed to the Associate Director of the Writing Program.

I want to take a writing course at another school in the future/this summer before I start at UofA. How do I determine which of their courses could receive composition transfer credit?

For all in-state courses, you may consult the AZtransfer website:

For out-of-state courses, you are welcome to submit several courses you’d like reviewed for foundational composition course equivalency.



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