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"There was something not only special but incredibly important in seeing my students collaborate with their partners. Even if they didn't realize it at the time, they eventually grasped that they were working at a university level this semester, and that has been priceless."
—High School Teacher

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Thinking about participating in Wildcat Writers? This program can offer:

High School Teachers College Instructors

An insider's look into what is taught in first-year college composition, so you can better prepare your students

An insider's look into what is taught in high school English classes, so you can better respond to your students' prior knowledge
An opportunity for your students to build relationships with college students, ask questions about college life, and visit campus An opportunity for your students to respond to real-world rhetorical situations and build relationships with high school students
The chance to collaborate professionally with a college writing teacher The chance to collaborate professionally with a high school writing teacher
  Experience in academic outreach and service-learning pedagogies

Together, you and your partner instructor will design assignments that fit with the goals of both teachers. There is a lot of freedom in the partnership—some teach pairs collaborate extensively, having their students read and exchange ideas on the same texts or co-author writing assignments. Others connect the classes more loosely, having students write periodic emails to one another or exchange work for feedback. You will be paired with your partner teacher in October, leaving plenty of time to design units that work for both of you before the students begin interacting with one another spring semester.

For more information or for an application, contact Brad Jacobson, Wildcat Writers Coordinator,


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