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"I am now better prepared for what to expect when I go to the university."
-High school student, 11th grade

Wildcat Writers links students from UA composition classes and area high school English classes in a collaborative writing partnership. The program pairs high school and college teachers, and these teams work together to design assignments that allow their students to interact with one another.  

Our History

Wildcat Writers began as a single partnership between Desert View High School teacher Liz Denbo and UA graduate teaching assistant Anna Varley in fall 2004. These two teachers linked their English classes, offering their students a chance to interact and share writing. The goal was to provide a sense of continuity and community between secondary and higher education, as well as opportunity for civic engagement, collaboration, and exploration of education issues and college life. Varley later worked with Anne-Marie Hall, the director of UA's writing program, to extend this opportunity to other teachers, and the official program was born. As Wildcat Writers continued to grow, the program evolved to become a full year partnership, with teachers planning in the fall and linking classes in the spring.  Now embedded firmly in the writing program and several local high schools, Wildcat Writers continues to develop based on the creative input from teacher participants, reaching hundreds of students each year. We look forward to another engaging year of collaboration, and we invite you to join us.


Thank you to those who have generously supported us!

  • University of Arizona Student Affairs (Student Faculty Interaction Grant)

  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (100% Engagement Grant)

  • University of Arizona Foundation (Community Connections Grant)

  • UA Graduate and Professional Student Council (Professional Opportunities Development Grant)

  • University of Arizona Writing Program

  • Sunnyside Unified School District

  • Marana School District

  • Tucson Unified School District

  • San Miguel High School

  • Papa John's Pizza


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