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About Joshua Marie Wilkinson (Wilson)

Joshua Marie Wilkinson earned a BA in Secondary Education & English (Western Washington University 2000); an MFA in Creative Writing (University of Arizona 2003); an MA in Film Studies (University College Dublin 2004); and a PhD in English (University of Denver 2007).

His books of poetry include SelenographySwamp IsthmusThe Courier's Archive & Hymnal, and Meadow Slasher (from Sidebrow Books and Black Ocean). He has edited five anthologies, including Poets on Teaching (University of Iowa Press 2010) and Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre (University of Michigan Press 2015). With Solan Jensen, he directed a film about Califone called Made a Machine by Describing the Landscape (IndiePix Films 2011).

His poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, Chicago Sun-Times, New American Writing, Verse, and in anthologies such as Postmodern American Poetry (W.W. Norton 2013), Language Lessons (Third Man Books 2014), and Poets on Painters (Wichita State 2006). His awards include the Iowa Poetry Prize, an Academy of American Poets Prize, and he was the recipient of a grant from the Fund for Poetry (2013). As editor, he runs a poetry site called The Volta and runs a small, nonprofit press called Letter Machine Editions as well.

He teaches courses in poetry and poetics to undergraduates and graduate students here at the University of Arizona.

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Joshua Marie Wilkinson (Wilson)
Associate Professor, English
Telephone: (520) 621-6156
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1-3pm, Thursdays 1-3pm, & by appointment


BA in Secondary Education & English (Western Washington University 2000)

MFA in Creative Writing (University of Arizona 2003)

 MA in Film Studies (University College Dublin 2004)

 PhD in English (University of Denver 2007)

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences