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Franci Washburn holds a BA with a double major in English/Spanish; an MA in English (Creative Writing, Fiction) and a Ph.D. in American Studies with an emphasis in Cultural Studies, all from the University of New Mexico. Her dissertation, Beauty of Sound and Meaning: An Analysis of Lakota Oral Tradition, was directed by M. J. Young. She has been employed at the University of Arizona since 2004 with a joint appointment in the American Indian Studies Program and the Department of English. Research and teaching interests:American Indian literature, Indigenous World literature, Globalization and Indigenous Peoples, Critical Theory, Creative Writing (fiction and poetry), Curriculum Structure and Development. She is currently developing a new course on Globalization and Indigenous People. She has directed or served on, or is currently serving on student dissertation committees with the following topics:

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Franci A Washburn
Associate Professor, American Indian Studies
Telephone: (520) 626-8581
Office: 470 Modern Languages Bldg


BA with a double major in English/Spanish, University of New Mexico

MA in English (Creative Writing, Fiction), University of New Mexico

Ph.D. in American Studies with an emphasis in Cultural Studies, University of New Mexico

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences