Undergraduate Concentration

Undergraduate English majors interested in careers teaching English as a Foreign Language overseas, teaching English as a Second Language to adults in the USA, or graduate study in applied and theoretical linguistics may be interested in the Concentration in English  Applied Linguistics. The coursework for the concentration offers an introduction to careers in English education, bilingual education, teaching English as a second language (TESL) or foreign language (TEFL), or to graduate study in linguistics, education, applied linguistics, or TESL.

The concentration requires completion of 3 courses (9 units) from the following selection of English courses:

255: Introduction to English Language and Linguistics

322: The Structure and Meaning of Words

355: English Sociolinguistics

405: History of the English Language

406: Modern English Grammar

408: English as a Second Language in Bilingual Education

421: American English

425A, 425B: Old English

455: Teaching English as a Second Language

462: Linguistics and the Study of Literature

A BA in English with a concentration in Applied Linguistics may be informally recognized in schools around the world as qualification for teaching English as a Foreign Language. The concentration may help in admission to Master’s programs in linguistics, education, applied linguistics, or TESL preparation programs at the UA like the  MA in English as a Second Language . The concentration may also help in admission into state recognized Master’s level education programs, for example those offered by the  UA College of Education  which provide certification to teach ESL in Arizona public schools. The concentration does not provide officially recognized state certification in ESL or bilingual education.

The MA is the internationally recognized standard qualification for teaching ESL to adults in the US, and teaching EFL abroad. Students interested in post-graduate certification that does not require the time commitment of the MA may be interested in the Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, which can be completed in just two or three semesters.  Students who elect to take 500 level English Applied Linguistics courses in their senior year might even be able to finish the certificate in a single semester after graduation.


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