Recommended Schedule

See the courses page for course descriptions.

Fall year 1

Spring year 1

Engl 555 Introduction to TESOL

Engl 596o Introduction to Applied Linguistics

Engl 615 SLA Theories

Engl 613 Advanced Methods

Elective (e.g. English in a Global Context)

Fall year 2

Spring year 2

Engl 596j SLA Research Methods

Engl 612 Pedagogical Grammar

Elective (e.g. L2 Writing or Technology in L2TL)

Engl 693a TESL Practicum



  • GATs must complete Engl 591: Preceptorship, which may count as an elective.
  • To maintain their visa status, international students must enroll for 9 credit hours (3 courses) a semester.
  • Students wishing to complete the program in 3 semesters may take an elective their first semester, and Engl 693a their second semester.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences