Recommended Schedule

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Fall year 1

Spring year 1

Engl 555 Introduction to TESOL

Engl 596o Introduction to Applied Linguistics

Engl 615 SLA Theories

Engl 613 Advanced Methods

Engl 580 Second Language Writing

Fall year 2

Spring year 2

Engl 596j SLA Research Methods

Engl 506 Pedagogical Grammar

Engl 620 Cultural Dimensions of SLA

Engl 693a TESL Practicum

Elective (Engl 589 Technology, Engl 596o Corpus Linguistics, or Engl 596o Discourse Analysis)


  • GATs must complete Engl 591: Preceptorship, which may count as an elective.
  • To maintain their visa status, international students must enroll for 9 credit hours (3 courses) a semester


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences