RCTE Course Program Overview


Total Number of Required hours to graduate with PhD: 66

Minimum Diss. Hours: 18  

Total Number of Required Coursework hours to graduate with RCTE PhD: 48


Common Curriculum: 15 units

Fall Semester | Year 1

  • ENGL 597R: Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition (3)
  • Preceptorship* (3)
  • Colloquium

Spring Semester | Year 1

  • Inquiry & Innovation Seminar (3)
  • Either ENGL 696T: Rhetorical Theories (3) or ENGL 510: Theory and Practice of Composition (3). Courses are offered in alternating years with one course taken in Year 1 and one course taken in Year 2.
  • Preceptorship* (0)

Additional Course Requirements: 9 units

  • Specialized Methods: student’s choice of one additional methods course, offered either in RCTE or in another program (3)
  • Histories: student’s choice of one class focused on histories, offered by RCTE faculty (3)
  • Comprehensive Exam Workshop (taken in the spring semester of comprehensive exam. (3)
  • Other electives (24):
    • 15 hours must be taken in RCTE (Immersive Cultural Requirement is included within this requirement)
    • remaining 9 hours may be taken in any subject area offered at the graduate level anywhere on campus;
    • may be applied to the Immersive Cultural Requirement (see the ICR Proposal for details);
    • may be applied to a minor, if a minor is declared (9 hours minimum required by Graduate College).


Dissertation: 18 Units


* If a student does not have a GTA position in the Writing Program and does not take Preceptorship, the student can select an alternative course to fulfill this requirement in consultation with the RCTE Program Director that aligns with the student’s outcomes and professional goals.



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