Steven Brian Davis


Steven B. Davis received his Ph. D. In English at Yale University in 1991, and plateaued almost immediately thereafter. Since then, he has held a succession of jobs, both academic and not, that were often deeply satisfying and always had something to teach him. Typical was his work as (Interim) (Acting) Director of Courses at the American Center in Yangon, Myanmar. He was fortunate to be in Myanmar at a time when people as under-qualified as himself found it possible to do some good. He regrets a well-intentioned but ill-starred detour into teaching middle and high school students, and vows never again to let career interests interfere with his life-long passion for cowering up cliff faces (rock climbing). He enjoys being a literate and decent person, checking weather radar compulsively, and interrupting dinner conversation to look up etymologies. He is happily married to a low-level U of A administrator who would prefer to remain unnamed. They and their two cats live in a crumbling adobe on Tucson's South Side.