Matthew Nolen

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) – Tianjin, China

Global Professor and Coordinator

Task-Based Language Teaching, Corpus Linguistics, & Second Language Writing.

Matt is excited and proud to be a part of the GWF microcampus at Sias University! He has been an English instructor in ESL and EFL settings for the last 8 years. Matt loves teaching, and he is passionate about helping students reach their goals in language learning. Over the years, Matt has also been an administrator, an OPI assessor, a teacher trainer, a language coach, a co-author, and a presenter. Matt had the privilege of being raised in several countries during his childhood and adolescence, including Costa Rica, Argentina, and India. These experiences have given Matt empathy towards learners, a desire to work internationally, and a colorful perspective into different cultures, languages, and people.