RCTE Pedagogy Outreach and Research Team

An RCTE pedagogy outreach and research team consisting of 3 co-PI’s – RCTE graduate student Maria Conti, English Postdoctoral Research Associate Jeremy Godfrey, Cristina D. Ramírez, and an English intern and research assistant, James Miller completed a semester-long project at Desert View High School. This project, which had been in the works since earlier this year, brought two high school English Honors classes together to conduct a series of 3 writing workshop on personal statements for college/university submission and scholarship applications.  The group worked with Desert View English honors instructors, Teresa Driver and Robert Solis, combining their classes for the one and a half hour long workshops. These workshops reached 65 students at the high school. The last day of workshops ended with writing reflection, further instruction, and students sharing how they have used their personal statements thus far. Several students reported that they have already used their personal statements for university applications and scholarship writing.

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences