Hayriye Kayi-Aydar wins Spencer Foundation Grant

Hayriye Kayi-Aydar has just been awarded a $49,699.58 Spencer Foundation Grant, which only funds 10% of the over 800 proposals that it receives per year. Kayi-Aydar's project is titled, "The impact of positional identities of bilingual and multilingual Hispanic teachers on classroom practice and student learning in diverse classrooms of Arizona." Below is a summary of the project:


"Although research on culturally and linguistically diverse students in K-12 classrooms is vast and growing, little is known about the racially and ethnically diverse teachers. Who are those teachers? What kinds of teachers are they? What kinds of experiences do they bring into classrooms? What kinds of ethnic, racial, cultural, and linguistic identities do they construct and negotiate in the school environment? The goal of this project is to address these questions, to contribute to the limited literature, and give voice to those teachers. Building on positioning theories and teacher identity literature and using the methods of discourse analysis and narrative inquiry, this study will analyze and describe identity constructions and negotiations of bilingual/ multilingual Hispanic teachers and the effects of those on their classroom practices and students' learning in Tucson public schools. Data sources will include autobiographies, classroom observations, field notes, and artifacts. The research will offer insights/ implications for teachers, teacher educators, administrators, and policymakers."

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences