MA Student Resources

The EL/L Student Association (ELLSA), of which all EL/L students are members, welcomes in-coming students, sponsors both professional and social programs, does peer advising/mentoring, and maintains a web site of student activities. They have also raised funds for travel to professional conferences. ELLSA pairs each first-year international student, and domestic EL/L student who makes the request, with a second-year student to serve as a mentor and guide through the first year of the program. If you are an interested applicant to the program, please feel free to contact ELLSA through their Facebook page (ELLSA, The University of Arizona).

The English Graduate Union (EGU) represents all graduate students within the English Department. Each spring two students from each of the English Department’s four graduate programs are elected as representatives to the EGU. The main function of the EGU is to create a liaison between the English Department administration, its faculty and its graduate students. The EGU also provides financial support for travel to professional conferences.

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) is a campus-wide organization. Their goal is to assist graduate students academically, economically, and socially, and to establish communication among all graduate and professional students at the University. In addition to lobbying for graduate student issues, the GPSC provides financial support for travel to professional conferences and sponsors social events for graduate students. Representatives are elected annually from each of the colleges. 

International students have the added benefit of the programs offered through the Office of International Student Programs, including a required orientation program, cross-cultural workshops and forums, and a host family program.

In addition, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) hosts a number of clubs and organizations for students. They cover a number of different interests – professional, cultural, political, religious, social and athletic, among others.


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