MA Examinations

The MA examination is designed to develop students' general knowledge of the history and diversity of literatures in English, encouraging a broad, structured understanding of the discipline while allowing room for considerable individual choice. Acknowledging literary-historical traditions as an important ground of knowledge, the examination also recognizes the increasing diversity of canonical texts and the changing nature of literary canonicity. Combining British, American, and Anglophone texts, the reading list for the examination reflects renewed disciplinary emphasis on the transatlantic relationship of British and American literatures as well as the rise of "global English" and its literary manifestations. The examination should benefit both students pursuing a terminal MA degree and those going on for the PhD.

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You must file the Literature Program MA Exam Form  at least six months before taking the exam > Download

There are also several Graduate College forms that the student must fill out before the exam.  You can find these forms on the Academic tab in your UAccess account.  Click the dropdown box and select GradPath forms.


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