Literature PhD Time Table

Year One:
Complete at least twelve units of course work.  Pass or prepare for language exam. 

Year Two:   
Students who entered with MA: Complete at least twelve units of course work (last six units to be completed during first semester of third year).

Students with  MA from UA: Complete remainder of course work. 

All: Begin developing Comprehensive Exam reading list and studying for comps.  Select your comp committee and begin thinking about the dissertation committee. Begin exploring funding options for dissertation research.

Year Three:
Turn in Doctoral Plan of Study and Results of the Oral Comprehensive Examination for Doctoral Candidacy after reviewing them with Program Assistant.  Turn in departmental Comprehensive Area Study Program form. Take comps. Submit dissertation plan of study and dissertation proposal.  Finalize dissertation committee.  Turn in Committee Appointment form to the Graduate College.

Year Four:
 Work on dissertation.  Begin preparing for the job search.

Year Five: 
Take placement seminar and actively begin the job search.  Complete dissertation.

Each year: Develop your teaching skills.  Begin developing syllabi for literature courses in fields of your interest.  Explore journals and conferences relevant to your work and  submit  papers or propose panels. Prepare at least one article for journal submission. Consider serving on at least one Department or  College Committee.  Apply to TA for a literature course.



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